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Clean Up Bandung Day is an annual event that brings together communities and volunteers through gotong royong in the spirit of a cleaner Bandung. 


The aim of Clean Up Bandung Day is to raise awareness of the problem of rubbish and littering in Bandung, as well as the need for recycling – starting with us as individuals, at home and at the office. 


Our vision is that every day will be Clean Up Bandung Day, as we shape conscious and responsible citizens for a better Bandung.  Our campaign is carried out by volunteers (you!) 


Without your support and action Clean Up Bandung Day would not be possible.

Why Clean Up ?

1,200 tonnes of rubbish from the city of Bandung ends up in landfill each day. In addition to what goes to landfill, there are still a lot of rubbish that ends up on the streets and in the city’s rivers


By involving the community in a clean-up, we can spread the message that it is everybody’s job to keep this city clean, not just the job of the street sweepers, pemulung, and rubbish men and women.


We want people to understand how detrimental littering can be, and in turn spark an awareness of the importance of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Join Us !

Separating Waste

As part of Clean-Up Bandung, we will collect two types of waste and keep the waste separate; recyclable waste and residue waste. In doing this, we want to encourage volunteers to continue this practice at home and at their school/place of work.


Why should we separate waste?


1. Why should we separate waste?
Much of our waste has a value for reuse. There is a network of Waste Banks around Bandung that work in conjunction with industries that can use various waste products. They will pay you for your recyclable waste! Find out more by contacting your local waste bank!


2. Landfill space in Bandung is currently limited. By limiting the amount of waste that goes to landfill, we can extend the life of existing landfills and reduce carbon emissions generated in transporting large volumes of residue waste to the landfill, which is currently located a long way from Bandung.


Our partners at PD Kebersihan Kota Bandung will collect both waste types on the same day. Recyclable waste will be further sorted at their Bank Sampah Resik facility in Jl. Babakan Sari No. 64, Kiaracondong, Bandung and the residue waste will be taken to the closest waste transfer facility (TPS), from where it will be taken to the City Landfill at Sarimukti.


By continuing this practice at home and in our schools/workplaces, we can help to extend the life of our landfill, reduce carbon emissions and even make a little money (or make it easier for your local tukang to make a little cash)!


  • 06:30 : Registration and distribution of cleaning kits, such as: gloves, sacks, hats, etc.

  • 06:45 : Technical briefing with Team Leaders/ Pemimpin Tim about waste sorting techniques (recycling and general waste)

  • 07:00 : Clean up starts across the 10 locations

  • 09:00 : Clean up finishes. Don’t forget to bring the trash to the nominated storage points and take some pictures

  • 10:00 : Post-event function at Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel for 200 invited guests

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